His work is a visual depiction of the natural world – “an endangered world which sadly may not be here in the future”. The artist describes his paintings as a way to capture moments of transition and tranquillity in the scenery. “Nature is the source of my inspiration. Everything I render is focused on harmony within her laws,” he says.

With family roots planted firmly in the art world, Eugene believes much of his artistic ability comes from his father – a sculptor. “Pencils and watercolour paint were my favourite toys as a child,” he reminisces. Eugene studied art in Russia before moving to England, where he spent 10 years building his career as a tattoo artist. It was at the point where gained international recognition for his artistic practice that he decided to shift the focus of his work. “I decided to move on and focus on something more meaningful, as I felt that as a human being I should somehow contribute to the planet,” he says.

A delicate application of mixed media, Eugene’s distinct style bridges the gap between the traditional academic approach and modern abstract art. For the artist, painting is a meditative process. “ Through my art I express my infinite admiration for the diversity of colours, forms, textures of the nature world. That’s something I want to share with everyone who is ready to see it. I profoundly enjoy perceiving and contemplating ordinary and unusual behaviour of all animals. I dedicate each moment of my time to integrate myself into that space. It is a very meditative process as I get lost in reliving the experience and watch it come to life on canvas.

I would like my art to be a window into a world not everyone has the opportunity to see.”